10 April 2011

Bracelet to Necklace Transformation

Ever have the perfect bracelet for an outfit but what you really need is a necklace? Well friends, I have the solution for you. I have the most beautiful bracelet, made for me by my step-mom. While searching for a necklace the other day I spied this bracelet and a blue ribbon sitting side-by-side. I've been inspired lately by a lot of Kathleen Francis' Grosgrain designs, this one in particular, and knew what I needed to do.

So here's what you do in 4 easy steps. You'll need to use a bracelet that has at least one hoop-type closure (see picture):

1. Tie one end of the ribbon to the end of the bracelet with the non-hoop closure. Leave at least 2 inches of ribbon on that end.

2.  Put bracelet around your neck at desired length. I found it easiest to put the bracelet part in the back and the ribbon in the front, then turning it around after tying.

3. Thread the ribbon through the other end of the bracelet, the one with a hoop-closure.

4. Pull as tight as you wish and tie a one-loop bow with both ends of the ribbon.

I recommend wearing your hair up!

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